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Dear Strupels and lovable Snodsocklers –

It has come to management’s attention that the group of Santa’s elves who snuck away to Kansas City last year to put on Winter Magic are at it again – except this time they’ve added an ALL NEW experience out by Legends Shopping Center. Now, we in management need you to know that visiting the event (held nightly from mid-November though the New Year) may be possible, but there will be no paid time once you leave the North Pole. You must use a vacation day. Furthermore… you will need to get back as soon as possible. We will, of course, need to meet our week’s quota for Santa’s gifts.

Tickets will come available Oct 15th and you will need to buy tickets, just like the humans, AND pick an available time slot for arrival. Don’t arrive without tickets. That’s just flaberdashenny. Don’t try it. If you do, you might have to turn back around. And let me tell ya, that’s a lonnnnng round-trip-reindeer-flight from The Pole with nothing to show for it. Am I right? …Okay. Come see our Kansas Christmas lights and book your ticket online before leaving the workshop!

a drawing of a face

Our C-level elves have gotten a sneak peak, and let me tell you, a drawing of a facethe reviews so far have been outstanding. Popplenop gave it the coveted 3-thumbs-up. Said that he’d never seen so many light displays in one location (there were hundreds). And, the displays are enormous!! Like five humans enormous. The height of 1000 elves stacked upright! Can you….? Just ….hablepush. HABLEPUSH.

Also, the official augmented reality app of Christmas, Jack Frost’s Winter Blast app… Popplenop literally got teary-eyed talking about it. Tossing snowballs at other elves, knocking over gingerbread cookies, saving melting snowmen… it just gets you, right in the heart, doesn’t it…

You’ll pay $25 a carload for the weekends, $20 a carload during the week. More for the commercial vehicles. We estimate that we could probably get about 300 elves per car, but humans will be very limited, so take advantage of your size. Let’s save some money and carpool.

Okay, elves… to close, just one statement from the big guy, “last one to KC is a rotten toodleberry!!”