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The Legend of Dilly!

The Kansas City Christmas Pickle

Why a Christmas Pickle?

Likely originating from an old, German-American tradition, on Christmas day, many families begin with a frantic hunt.  Where the children and adults alike race around the tree looking for a little, green, pickle-shaped ornament that’s hidden somewhere within its branches.  The lucky person who finds the pickle gets to open the first present, and gloat about it until the next year.  It starts the day off with a lot of laughs and a little friendly competition.  Be the first to find the Christmas pickle, and win!

Who is Dilly, The KC Christmas Pickle?

For those that don’t have the fortune of knowing about Dilly, the Famous KC Christmas Pickle, and his Annual Scavenger Hunts, let us introduce you.

Adapted from the German-American tradition, we’ve created a Christmas pickle character to display at our light parks.  He’s not always lit up and he even moves around!  We host an Annual Scavenger Hunt Contest in which guests try and catch a glimpse of the Christmas pickle.  If they’re lucky enough to capture and image of him, then they can post it on our social sites with the hashtag #ChristmasPickleKC for a CHANCE TO WIN a FREE return ticket PLUS a ticket to our other park, Winter Magic near Downtown KC!  Find the Christmas Pickle and receive good fortune!

Who’s ready for Scavenger Hunts with your favorite Christmas Pickle!?

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How To Play?

While cruising through our magical, one-mile, lighted drive, keep your eyes peeled for the KC Christmas Pickle!  If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Dilly, get your camera out and capture an image, then post it on our Social Media page and include hashtag #ChristmasPickleKC for a CHANCE TO WIN a FREE return ticket PLUS a ticket to our other park, Winter Magic near Downtown KC!  Find the Christmas Pickle and receive good fortune!

FINE PRINT:  Your hashtag post will enter your name into a drawing.  One entry per person.  A winner will be selected at random.  The winner will be notified in the comment thread of the winning post announcement published on our social media pages, as well as by social media message (only if the winner’s profile is set up to accept tags and messages from non-linked profiles).  It is the winner’s responsibility to see the announcement and to claim the prize within 24 hours.  No purchase necessary to enter.